The Team

Guide Roasting Company owners family outdoor Fall leaves

Who We Are

We are a small, family owned business with a passion for quality coffee! 

We start with only the highest quality green coffee beans and roast them to perfection. 

We also pride ourselves in excellent customer service! We deliver coffee locally and ship throughout the US. Our mission is to guide you in making the most delicious cup of coffee at home. If it's not the best coffee you've ever made, please contact us. We can provide support specifically to your chosen brewing method.

We hope you'll give us a try! You WILL taste the difference! -Gary & Julie

Our History

Guide Roasting Company was born in 2018. Started out of a shared passion for delicious coffee and the need for caffeine in our lives with two small children, we decided to turn our passion into a family business together.  With Gary's engineering background and product development experience and Julie's background in education and design, we've enjoyed working together to grow our business and bring exceptional quality coffee to our customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If I'm local to Midlothian, VA do I have to use shipping?


-- No, not necessarily. The website will automatically charge you shipping. But before or after making your purchase, you can contact me to try to arrange delivery of your order. Your shipping will be refunded once your coffee is delivered.


Do you roast all of your coffee?


--Yes, we purchase quality green coffee beans directly from importers. We roast all the coffee ourselves in small batches.


What is Small Batch, Craft Coffee Roasting?


--Small batch, craft coffee roasting is quality controlled roasting, offering unique flavors from the small changes one can make during roasting. The roast master has complete control over each step of the roast.  This control is what ensures a delicious and unique coffee.  Each batch is hand crafted, something that is just not possible in mass produced coffee.