How we started

We always dreamed of having our own family business together, but didn’t know exactly where the journey would lead. With two small children, one of which had health issues that made sleeping difficult, we found ourselves equally interested in having good coffee. So you could say it all started with kids that didn’t sleep and the gift of an espresso machine for our 8th wedding anniversary.

It only grew from there as we bought our first small coffee roaster, and Gary attended roasting school out of state. The farther we went, the more fun we were having, so we decided to go all in and start Guide Roasting Company together in 2018.

Today, we have a store front location where we proudly serve our customers delicious, freshly roasted coffee in a variety of ways. Let us make you a latte or grab a bag to brew at home. Or be one of the first in the world to try GreenPods, a compostable coffee pod compatible in K cup brewers.

We are so very proud to launch the newest part of our business, GreenPod Coffee Packing. We are bringing innovative coffee pod technology to the states that’s both good for the Earth and tastes head over heels better than traditional plastic cup pods.

The Perfect
Roast For
Every Occasion

Enjoy the difference of fresh, small batch roasted coffee from a family owned artisan business.